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Carpet Tile

Carpet tile, also known as carpet squares or modular carpet, provides flexibility with style, design, and performance. It is also extremely versatile and durable, making it the perfect choice for commercial locations.


Benefits of Carpet Tile

  • Freedom of design. Modular carpet is a modern and stylish alternative to standard carpet rolls, and the freedom of design gives depth and texture to the space.
  • Versatility. You can install carpet tile over many floor types, including wood and tile. Also, because the tiles come in a variety of sizes, you can order squares that will fit your specific space without cutting off excess carpeting.
  • Easy cleaning and care. Carpet tile can be cleaned much the same way as regular carpet. If damage leaves one square beyond repair, it can be replaced without replacing the entire floor – a feature perfect for high-traffic commercial spaces.


Popular Industries for Carpet Tile


Modern offices are designed for flexibility and changing layouts, just like carpet tile. Contact Advanced Commercial Flooring to install new office flooring or to reorganize your office carpet tiles based on your needs.



Walk-off carpet tile is perfect for business with heavy foot traffic. Because of its modular design, you can replace worn out carpet tiles easily, without needing to re-carpet the entire restaurant.



This durable carpet option is ideal for schools and universities. It comes in countless colors and designs so you can find a carpet that matches your school's style.



Since it is so easy to clean, commercial grade carpet tile works well in gyms. If you are looking for a comfortable option for your yoga or light exercise spaces, contact Advanced Commercial Flooring for carpet tile recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does commercial carpet tile cost?

The cost of tiles depends largely on what style you prefer. Advanced Commercial Flooring installs carpet tile from over 22 of the best manufacturers, so you can find the perfect brand and tile for your project. Contact us for recommendations based on your budget and industry.


How much does carpet tile installation cost?

The cost of installation depends on the size of the space, adhesive choice, and hours of work needed to complete the project. Contact us for a quote for your project.


Does carpet tile need to be professionally installed?       

While carpet tile provides quick installation and easy replacements, it should be completed by a professional. When it is placed without the correct procedure, the floor will have visible seams, uneven tile spacing, and potential for buckling or curling tiles.


How do I clean carpet tile?

Most carpet squares can be vacuumed, spot treated, and cleaned like regular broadloom carpets. However, if you remove an individual tile for spot treatment, be sure to dry it completely before putting it back in place to avoid any possible mildew or mold.


Installing Commercial Carpet Tile

Advanced Commercial Flooring offers free site evaluations and a full-year warranty on all installations. Contact us to schedule your professional carpet tile installation or repair today.

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Commercial carpet tile

Manufacturer Options

Carpet tile is one of the most versatile carpet options available for commercial use, from industrial carpets to luxury plush.


Advanced Commercial Flooring installs carpet tile in a variety of tile sizes, fiber types, pile styles, and pattern and color options. You can explore samples and prices at our distributors' websites or contact us online to ask more about the carpet tile we install.