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Sub-Floor Problems

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Every facility is different, with both new construction and existing buildings creating challenges for the flooring industry.

Existing building floors can suffer damage from age, abuse, inexpensive materials and older construction techniques. Many of these issues have been patched and hide under the existing finish.

New construction time-frames, concrete add-mixes and sub-floor finishing methods can create additional issues that result in finished flooring failures.

There are also several factors that can contribute to unacceptably high moisture in the sub-floor.  Most of which create an enormous challenge for finished floors, as many do not breathe.  If not tested and addressed up front, major flooring failure can be the result.

These issues need to be repaired—properly—prior to installing the new carpet and resilient flooring, or failure can result.  The flooring industry is continually introducing new products and quick fixes for the numerous issues presented to the flooring trade.  Many of these advertise to solve every issue, but that is just not true.  If it sounds too good to be true, follow your gut.

For 30+ years, Advanced Commercial Flooring has continually researched these wonder products to find reliable solutions for the varying facility challenges, and we continue to do so.  Our in-house experts strive to stay ahead of the curve in sub-floor related issues and solutions to keep you from any flooring failure. 

Please call us and have one of our experts give you a free analysis of your facility.