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Sheet Vinyl & Linoleum

Sheet vinyl and linoleum can give you the look of wood or tile in your space at a budget-friendly price. Both are resilient surfaces that provide a natural look for performance applications.

The Difference between Sheet Vinyl & Linoleum

Sheet vinyl is available in virtually any color and texture for design flexibility. It is less resilient to wear and tear than linoleum, but it stands up extremely well when exposed to moisture. The typical life expectancy of commercial sheet vinyl is 10 to 20 years.


Linoleum is colorfast, meaning the color and patterns are present through the entire piece and the design in the flooring does not fade over time. However, linoleum does need to be sealed to make it water resistant. Most linoleum can last between 20 and 40 years.


Johnsonite iQ Natural vinyl flooring

Popular Industries for Sheet Vinyl


Vinyl and linoleum are ideal for schools and universities with high foot traffic. It comes in countless colors and designs so you can find the option that matches your school's style.



Durable and easy to maintain vinyl and linoleum are popular choices for medical facilities including hospitals, urgent care, x-ray centers, and assisted-living facilities.


Public Spaces

In these high-traffic areas, wear, damage, and spills are unavoidable – you need a flooring option that stands up to the stress and delivers easy clean-up.


Gyms & Sports Facilities

Vinyl's water-resistance make is an obvious choice for exercise and wellness facilities. Contact us to ask what flooring we recommend for your space.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does sheet vinyl and linoleum cost?

In general, linoleum costs 50% more than sheet vinyl, but it also lasts almost twice as long. For either option, the cost depends largely on what style you prefer.


Does sheet vinyl and linoleum need to be professionally installed?

Installing sheet vinyl requires careful measurements and cutting, especially in commercial spaces, and linoleum sheets are even more difficult to manage. Hiring a flooring expert for your installation will give you an even, professional looking result.


How do I maintain vinyl and linoleum?

Commercial sheet vinyl and linoleum flooring is easy to maintain. Simply sweep, vacuum, and mop as needed. Linoleum needs to be sealed periodically to keep it moisture resistant.


Installing Sheet Vinyl & Linoleum 

Advanced Commercial Flooring offers free site evaluations and a full-year warranty on all installations. Contact us to schedule your professional vinyl or linoleum installation or repair today.

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Manufacturer Options

Advanced Commercial Flooring installs sheet vinyl and linoleum from over 12 of the best manufacturers, so you can find the perfect brand for your project. Contact us for a flooring recommendation based on your budget.