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Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Vinyl composite tile is the top flooring choice for education, healthcare, and office buildings. It is an entry-level resilient product which will meet the requirements of tight budgets while offering customizable style options.


Benefits of Vinyl Composite Tile

  • Modular flexibility. With a variety of shapes and styles for tiles, everyone can find a design to match their building aesthetic.
  • Durability. VCT flooring is designed to withstand heavy foot and rolling load traffic. It is also water-resistant, meaning you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens without worrying about spills.
  • Budget-friendly. Many of our vinyl composite tiles are made with recycled materials, making them more affordable than other flooring options.


Armstrong Vinyl Composite Tile


Popular Industries for VCT Flooring

K-12 Schools

Vinyl composite tile is the most popular surface to use in educational facilities. The low initial costs, as well as the many color and design options, meet perfectly the needs of schools and daycares.



VCT flooring is resilient in high-traffic areas, which is a massive benefit in medical buildings. Additionally, it is often inexpensive to install, making it a popular choice for larger surface areas found in hospitals, medical offices, and urgent care facilities.



The durability of VCT, combined with its array of design options, makes it a popular choice for office spaces. Installing your choice of vinyl composite tile will give your office a professional feel in high-traffic areas like lobbies and breakrooms.


The Difference between Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)


  • Style: While you can choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, VCT does have limited texture and embossing options, making the natural look more difficult to achieve.
  • Durability: Vinyl composite tile should be waxed and finished to protect it from moisture and debris. It also has a lower static load resistance than LVT.
  • Cost: Vinyl composite flooring is often selected for its low upfront cost. However, buyers should consider the higher maintenance costs of waxing and polishing.



  • Style: LVT is a cost-effective alternative to natural flooring such as wood, marble, or stone.
  • Durability: Made entirely of vinyl, LVT does not have porous quality, allowing it to hold up in environments susceptible to moisture. The patterns and texture of luxury vinyl tile also hide dirt.
  • Cost: The higher cost of installation for LVT is often made up over the years of reduced maintenance costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does vinyl composite tile cost?

Vinyl composite tile is one of the least expensive commercial flooring options. When you buy vinyl floor tiles from Advanced Commercial Flooring, you have your pick from many of the best VCT manufacturers, so you can find the perfect brand for your project. Contact us for a vinyl recommendation based on your budget.


How much does VCT installation cost?

As with all flooring installations, the size of the space, hours of work, and extras needed to complete the project all determine the final cost. Contact us for a quote for your project.


Does Vinyl Composite tile need to be professionally installed?

While some say VCT is the easiest flooring to install yourself, you should consider the time and financial investment of a DIY installation. Once you add up the cost of all the adhesive and specialty tools needed to install VCT, it's often easier to hire a professional.


Expert installation will also keep you from shifting tiles later on, saving you time and money overall. Contact Advanced Commercial Flooring for professional composite vinyl tile installation or repair.


How do I maintain VCT flooring?

Daily care for vinyl composite tile is fairly simple, but long-term, the flooring will need to be waxed and finished to ensure it lasts.

  • Daily: Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors as needed. You should always use a mild cleaner and rinse the floor after cleaning.
  • Quarterly: Depending on your maintenance routine and typical foot traffic, you may need to recoat your VCT flooring more or less often. Contact Advanced Commercial Flooring if you believe your vinyl composite flooring needs to be polished.


Using walk-off matting in entryways and areas with higher than usual foot traffic will keep those areas clean and undamaged much longer.


Installing Commercial VCT Flooring

Advanced Commercial Flooring offers free site evaluations and a full-year warranty on all installations. Contact us to schedule your professional walk-off matting installation or repair today.

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VCT installed by Advanced Commerical Flooring at State Fund Mutual Insurance.


Manufacturer Options

Advanced Commercial Flooring installs vinyl composite flooring from six of the best manufacturers, so you can find the perfect brand for your project. Contact us for a flooring recommendation based on your budget.