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Walk-Off Matting

Commercial walk-off matting keeps soil and contaminants at the door and away from your expensive flooring. The style, material, and installation options for walk-off matting are endless, making them perfect for any type of business.


Reasons to Install Walk-Off Carpet at Your Office

  • Safety. Walk-off matting provides traction for potentially slippery and dangerous building entrances.
  • Floor protection. Replaceable doormats keep the flooring underneath them safe from damage and wear, especially in high-traffic areas.  
  • Dirt control. Even with regular cleaning and vacuuming, busy walkways look worn out and dirty over time. Entrance mats, which can be switched out after years of use, will keep your office looking clean and professional.
  • Branding options. Your logo and brand identity are important for distinguishing your business from competitors. Contact Advanced Commercial Flooring about customizing your doormats.


Businesses that Need Walk-Off Matting

Nearly all businesses use a walk-off mat system, whether they use an outdoor or indoor solution or both. Whether you run a hotel, school, office space, restaurant, or other commercial location, you should have interior and exterior walk-off matting as part of your building plan.


The Walk-Off Matting Options

1. Exterior Mats

Using an exterior mat will help remove some muck from customers shoes before they even enter the building. However, outdoor walk-off mats are usually paired with an indoor solution to keep your space as clean as possible.


2. Drying Floor Mats

The purpose of a commercial drying mat is to capture moisture at the entrance and prevent slipping. While they are inexpensive, drying walk-off mats should be replaced every couple of years to keep them from becoming saturated and less effective in capturing dirt and water.


3. Wiper / Scraper Mats

Wiper and scraper matting uses heavy-duty materials, often with rubber backing, to remove dirt and grime from the bottom of shoes. These are high-quality mats that can last up to 10 years if properly maintained.


The Difference between Walk-Off Matting and Carpet Tile

Walk-off matting is similar to a rug that you place at the entrance of your building, while carpet tile is a more permanent install. Both have their benefits, and your choice between the two largely depends on your budget, building design, and the amount of foot traffic in your facility.


Contact Advanced Commercial Flooring for recommendations on the best flooring solution for your facility, or learn more about commercial carpet tile.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does commercial walk-off carpet and matting cost?

The cost of walk-off matting depends largely on what style you prefer. Advanced Commercial Flooring offers matting from over 11 of the best manufacturers, so you can find the perfect brand for your project. Contact us for a matting recommendation based on your budget and industry.


How do I clean walk-off matting at my business?

Walk-off matting should be vacuumed often to stay absorbent. However, during the long Minnesota winter, you should also flush your matting monthly to keep the ice melt build up at a minimum.


Installing Commercial Entrance Mats

Advanced Commercial Flooring offers free site evaluations and a full-year warranty on all installations. Contact us to schedule your professional walk-off matting installation or repair today.


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Walk-Off Matting Manufacturers

Advanced Commercial Flooring installs walk-off matting in a variety of sizes, fiber types (rubber, polypropylene, tufted yarn, vinyl loops, etc.), and pattern and color options. You can explore samples and prices for these options at our distributors' websites below:



You can also contact us online at any time to ask more about the matting and carpeting we install.