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Engineered Wood & Cork

Wood and cork are both natural flooring options which make commercial spaces look warm, inviting. You can choose a color, pattern, and modular size you prefer, but wood and cork will always provide a one-of-a-kind look.

Armstrong American hickory hardwood


Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

  • Freedom of design. Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and modular sizes, meaning you can customize your flooring to meet your style preferences.
  • Easy repair and replacements. If one plank of wood is damaged beyond repair, it can often be removed and replaced without needed to repair the entire floor.
  • Environmentally safe. Since wood is a natural element, it does minimal environmental damage in manufacturing. 


Benefits of Cork Flooring

  • Unique patterns and colors. You can choose from homogeneous or veneer options in design, giving you variety in design.
  • Natural and renewable. Cork is harvested from the bark of the tree without harming the health of the plant at all.
  • Fire and insect resistant. Cork is naturally fire resistant, and the waxy substance in the bark works as a built-in insect repellant, keeping your space pest-free.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulated. The air pockets in cork absorb sound, as well as serving as heat insulation for your floor.


Popular Industries for Wood or Cork Flooring


Hardwood and cork floors are easily customized for your style, whether cool-toned and trendy or warm and traditional. Selecting wood or cork for your retail store gives you a style advantage over competitors, as well as serving as an ergonomic surface for staff and shoppers.


Libraries & Museums

Public education facilities have the unique challenge of maintaining a quiet atmosphere in the midst of high foot traffic. Wood and cork both provide quiet acoustics for these community spaces.


Offices & Conference Rooms

Wood provides a style unmatched in warmth and hospitality for office spaces. Consider it for your waiting room, conference room, or personal offices.


Schools & Daycares

Cork flooring is shock absorbent, making it a safe, cushioned surface for little movers. It also naturally absorbs some of the noise of groups of students and teachers for less sound pollution in hallways and classrooms.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does wood and cork flooring cost?

The luxury of hardwood comes with an additional cost, and it is one of the more expensive flooring options Advanced Commercial Flooring offers. However, cork is a more cost-effective natural flooring option, with a price comparable to luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composite tile, or linoleum.


Does wood and cork flooring need to be professionally installed?

Once you add up the cost of all the materials needed to install hardwood or cork, including the adhesive, underlayment, and prep materials, it is often more cost-effective to hire a professional. Expert installation will also keep your flooring planks and tiles from shifting later on, saving you time and money overall. 


Contact Advanced Commercial Flooring for professional wood or cork installation.


Installing Wood or Cork Flooring

Advanced Commercial Flooring offers free site evaluations and a full-year warranty on all installations. Contact us to schedule your professional wood or cork installation or repair today.

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How do I maintain wood or cork flooring?

Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors should be swept daily to keep abrasive debris from building up on the surface and damaging the finish. Depending on the traffic on the floors, you should also consider mopping or vacuuming wood floors daily to weekly. When mopping, be careful of how much water you use, as more than a misting can damage the natural wood material.


With wood flooring, you should also consider periodic polishing and refinishing to keep your floor in top condition. 


Maintaining Cork Flooring

Cleaning cork flooring is fairly simple with regular sweeping and vacuuming. Experts recommend damp mopping occasionally with cleaner labeled safe for use on pre-finished wood. You should also be careful of using too much water on cork floors, as the moisture can be problematic.


Since cork is a natural material, UV light can fade the color over time. Using drapes or blinds to block direct sunlight will maintain the vibrancy of your flooring. 


Finally, periodically refinishing your cork flooring keeps it durable against scratches.


Manufacturer Options

Advanced Commercial Flooring installs wood and cork floors from over 10 of the best manufacturers, so you can find the perfect brand for your project. Contact us for a flooring recommendation based on your budget.